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3 Reasons why less tracking is good!

3 Reasons why less tracking is good!

3 Reasons why less tracking is good!

The right to be forgotten:

GDPR legislation in 2018 will give internet users the right to be forgotten. For all non-essential cookies the user needs to give his or her approval. The non-essential cookies are used in building profiles that advertisers use to show ads cross-platform. 

A quick example:

At certain moment you are looking for a new washing-machine, you decided the old beast is still working fine! The next day when you are browsing the internet with a cup of coffee you notice the whole internet transformed into a washing-machine store!!! Every website you visit is one big washing machine ad. It is obvious why ad-blockers are so popular. Luckily Apple is listening to it's users and blocks cross tracking in Safari! And this is a good thing! Let me explain why.

Why your brand should be happy with less tracking:

1 - Your brand is way to dependent


For every business it is very important to ad value. Build a connection with your customer. Learn more about what triggers someones needs. Make sure that people are satisfied and spread the word. When your sales only comes from platforms such as Amazon, Facebook etc you have a long term problem. These companies are demanding a bigger piece of the pie and you are unable to add more value. So what if you can give that value back to your customer? read also: 5 tips for effective referral marketing   

2 - Learn the old fashion way


Keep learning

Learning about your customer is very important! Which buttons on your website have the highest conversion. And of course don't stop measuring this information. But you are also missing out on real live feedback. Talk more with your customers! Look at implementing AI in your website to automate your learnings. Long term you will outperform all your competitors!

3 - Put your customer first


In general people don't like all these tracking. So it is fair point to say: "don't over do it!" Of course we all need some tracking-pixels to make the internet work. Tracking on it self is a beautiful thing. But remember one important thing. Lets ad value for our users and customers and not only for more revenue. It will be the result of doing it right.

The end!

If you liked what you have read. Don't forget to pay it forward! 


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