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5 tips to rock your TNW experience

5 tips to rock your TNW experience

This year the Sellify team had the opportunity to attend The Next Web conference, the most important platform in the Netherlands for up and coming players in the tech scene. It was the perfect opportunity to create new leads, establish connections, and introduce new customers to our latest tech. Held at the Westergasfabriek, the conference shines for its dynamic, fun and innovative approach. Looking back on our productive weekend at the conference, we have put together a list of the most useful tips to make the most of your time at TNW. 

1. Plan your events

At TNW, there is something for everybody; from talks on social media marketing, to growth-hacking workshops, to panels on the intersections of politics and tech. While it might be fantastic to try and clone yourself to attend any and all events at once, our current technologies do not allow that just yet (definitely something to discuss at #TNW2018 if you ask us!). For now, think about creating a feasible plan of action. This becomes especially important if, like us this year, you will have a booth. You want to give everyone at the stand the opportunity to meet customers, but also to roam around and get inspired by talks and workshops. Have a look at the schedule (published months before the conference on, pick your favorite events and save them with Blokks. And make sure to book your spot for every workshop, as they tend to be really popular.

2. Personalize your pitch 

This is your time to shine! What makes your company and your product special? How can it improve your customers’ lives? Your pitch serves to tell the story of your product, and convince those standing in fronting of you of its strength. Be enthusiastic, be bold, and be relatable. Ask who you are talking to about their occupation and their interests, and use that information to adapt your pitch. (And don’t forget your business cards!)

3. Recruiters are your friends

Well, not reeeally. Especially when your inbox is flooded by 20+ follow-up emails from them. While we may not be in need of their services yet and we found their strategies a bit overwhelming, recruiters can also be a great resource to leverage. They are knowledgeable, versatile players with some great insights on the tech universe. Don’t be afraid to engage with them, and don’t shy away from asking for their feedback! Doing so made for some very productive exchanges of ideas.

4. Leave your booth!


There is something absolutely thrilling about the coming together of thousands of talented techies, exchanging ideas, initiating new projects, and redefining what the future of tech will look like. The beauty of TNW lies in a laid-back atmosphere inspiring people to get together and make ideas happen. The best way to experience that is to walk around as much as possible. Take it all in! Talk to other startups, connect with other founders. Doing so was a great opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences and encourage each other.

5. Mingle!

As we already said, events like these are the perfect occasion to connect with other startups and get noticed by investors and new customers. And when you least expect it, the best connections might just happen. So get out of that ‘all work no play’ mindset, and don’t miss out on the social events organized next to the conference! We closed day 1 by attending the Bynder marketing mix; amongst delicious piña coladas, flowers and music, we established important connections and obtained new leads.

Good luck, and have fun!

Do you have other tips or suggestions? Are you already looking forward to #TNW2018? Leave a comment or get in touch with us on social media and let us know!

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