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Sellify news: our latest features

Sellify news: our latest features

Dynamic languages

One of the biggest changes in our latest release is dynamic multi-language support. With our multi-language support you can run more than 5 different flows within one account. We currently support English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish and Portuguese.  

Create custom (referral) widgets, shares and landing pages for each language with Sellify ambassador software. Let your customer share your brand directly from the checkout succespage of your website.

Reach the friends of your customers with WhatsApp


WhatsApp Desktop

We integrated WhatsApp desktop making it easier to share with WhatsApp from your desktop. Besides WhatsApp we also support Facebook, Messenger and Email.

Email referrals

To match the tone of voice and language of your customer you can customise the (pre-set) text of an email referral your customer will send to their friends. You can add multiple languages for multiple flows.

Besides email referrals our system fully automates reminders, follow-ups and reward messages in your brand-style.

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Increase conversion from 5% to 20%

Increase conversion from 5% to 20%