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Let your customers refer new customers: How to set-up

Let your customers refer new customers: How to set-up

With software from Sellify you can add powerful technology to your website. Start growing your brand together with your customers and fans.

How it works:

  1. After every purchase your customer will see a widget to directly refer new customers.
  2. The customer can now directly share the love with WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter or Facebook giving their friends a sweet discount.
  3. If a friend buys through the unique link, they get rewarded with a discount on the next purchase. 

With the Sellify app you can manage, analyse and optimise this process

Setup within 5 minutes in 5 easy steps

Read how you can start your referral program and increase your monthly revenue up to 5%

STEP 1: Request access

To get access to the Sellify app go to and click on GET STARTED. Within 24 hours we verify your company and grant you access. (no creditcard required)

STEP 2: Implement our widget.

Implement our widget; This sounds very difficult but it is actually very simple. Log-in at and go to "Tracking-pixel tab" here you will find your custom pixels for Shopify, LightSpeed, WooCommerce and Magento. Copy the pixel for your webshop in your clipboard and go to (for example: Shopify) paste it in the designated area. Don't forget to click save. Make one test purchase for our system to recognise your webshop. (you will not see the widget, it is disabled by default) 

STEP 3: Design and activate

 Design your own widget

Design your own widget

Now the cool part starts. Start designing your custom widget, social-share and landing-page in a few clicks. Click on the "widget" tab --> "Edit"  Don't forget to upload the discount-codes you want to give to new customers and the reward for your ambassadors. You can do this in a few clicks in the "Rewards" tab. 

STEP 4: Optimise 

After step 3 you are actually done! Your referral program is now running in your website :-). But did you know you can do much more with sellify?

Here some next steps:

  • Engage with email retargeting 
  • Get your own domain
  • Run a Instagram campaign 

STEP 5: Measure, learn and grow

Easy right? Now you are ready for the next step. Let our technology learn your customers behaviour and optimise conversion itself.   

Where are you waiting on. Let your customers start Sellify your company :-)




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