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Introducing "Insta Ambassador"

Introducing "Insta Ambassador"

Sellify is introducing a new feature for Instagram turning your customers into micro-influencers.

Recruit, activate and measure the impact of your ambassadors. Maximise word of mouth on the social channels your customers like most. Instagram.


Together with your brand we determine where we can recruit your perfect ambassador. Our software is build to interact with your customer at multiple touchpoints during the customer journey. Online and Offline.


Our software activates your ambassadors by offering a (loyalty) reward. The reward is based on how many people the ambassador refers and/or based on how much exposure the ambassador generates on Instagram. The more customers/ exposure the higher the reward. Our team helps with setting-up tailored campaign and helps optimising conversions.

Measure & learn

Learn which ambassadors you should collaborate with. Re-use content and see your brand grow.

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Sellify news: our latest features

Sellify news: our latest features