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5 steps to create a new marketing channel

5 steps to create a new marketing channel

Read in 5 minutes how you can set-up a powerful and effective marketing channel using word of mouth. Nothing is more powerful than the influence of your friends about an experience with a product or service. In this blog you will read how you can create a powerful social-referral program and build a community of ambassadors.

Step 1 - Are you ready?

First step is to identify if your company / brand is ready to invest in a referral program. The following questions will help;

  • Are your customers loving your brand/ service. Yes or No?

  • What is your business model? Do you know how much an average customer spend during its lifetime, The Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)?

  • How much time and resources do you spend on average to acquire this customer, The Cost per Acquisition (CPA)?

You as a company should know who your “happy” customers are that experiences the value of your product and how much you earn per “happy” customer over a longer timespan. Last but not least you also know how much it costs you to acquire a customer. Now we can go to step 2

Step 2 - The offer

Giving back value to your happy customers to attract new look-a-like customers is a winning strategy. We know as a fact that investing in ambassador software to create a social refer-a-friend scheme can lead up to 5% to 30% of your monthly revenue, but you need to be willing to invest time and effort.

Combining the metrics from step 1 gives you the basic information to create reward scheme. Basically how much are you willing to give away for a new customer. Now you can set-up a custom reward scheme. Over time you will adjust and test multiple incentives to discover the perfect offer(s).

Step 3 - Technology

Are you developing the technology yourself or should you use SAAS technology? In-house build referral, ambassador software is very expensive it easily takes 1 or 2 FTE out of your organisation to build and maintain the software while you don’t know if the software is giving the expected results. A better strategy is working together with (Sellify) Software as a service company (SAAS) that delivers all the features you need for a minimal investment, while you also get the support and experience that you need.

  • You don’t have to invest in software.

  • A team of experts can iterate and help you increase performance.

  • You get direct results from a proven solution.

  • Software will be improved continuously .

Step 4 - Activation

Let’s say you are convinced that (Sellify) a SAAS solution is the best solution for your organisation. After setting-up a campaign we look at the customer-touch-points of your organisation. Our software is able to interact with your customer at multiple touch-points. In most cases it takes about 3 to 6 months to get it right and you get maximum result out of your campaign.

Step 5 - Learning

Discover the sweet spot. Get a new powerful indicator about the performance of your brand. Don’t look only at Net Promoter Scores but combine this with a KPI that gives insight in actual recommendations.

Introducing "Insta Ambassador"

Introducing "Insta Ambassador"